Alumni website has been created for sharing the idea on a single platform and creating coordination among the alumna. Alumni Association of BRAC University has created this as the current alumna are more than 30+ countries worldwide and they need a single platform to portray their projects like other renown Alumni Association does. Alumna also needs their database and contribute to their fellow younger/upcoming alumna as well as the University which they are learning in their practical life. Coming back to the website this consists 5 major characteristics whose I really want to mention.

1.    LinkedIn integration on sign up: sign up option is integrated with LinkedIn. So that at the same time current information can be fetched and updated in the database on this site. This can also be used for having your pictorial sign up for the issuance of alumni ID card.

2.    Online payment gateway integration: All banks payment along with bKash authentication can be done by this website. Alumna can pay directly from anywhere worldwide.  This can be used to participate various events and contribution to alumni association.

3.    Stories and Blogs: Journals, stories, articles, Blogs, Vlogs, report, news, creative write-ups and economic scenario or current student’s placement on Ph.D., MS in foreign countries all kinds of write-ups are welcome here. Perhaps these are also sharable with Social networks.

4.     Personal platform: Alumna can share their own business on this platform. They can share and influence the current alumna and the whole community with his new products or idea by adding some special package for the fellow alumna.

5.     Dedicated Job portal: For prolong period of day this was really required that no alumni association in Bangladesh has uses such as this site has. An employer can directly post their requirements in the job portal and ask for CVs and alumni who have the direct profile can easily apply with just some clicks. Fellow alumna can refer some new jobs or internal requirements on this platform as well so that BRACU Alumna gets the highest priority.

I would really appreciate you to use your website for your own benefit and for the better of your own community. Perhaps I would thank Durbar software, Junayed Mustafa, Amit Kumar Dey and Team (which is a fellow BRACU Alumna Company) who has done a fantastic job for creating such website, Niaz Makhdum, General Secretary of AABRACU for idea generation implementation and Sumaiya Noor, Executive Member of AABRACU for her constant effort to make the website live and working for its constant development. 


Md. Tajdin Hassan 

President, AABRACU 




  1. Humaira Hashmat Ullah Says: January 3, 2016 at 11:56 am

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    This initiative is really great. Those people who want to submit their stories or article or already have submitted need a sincere and vast recognition for motivation. For example, involvement in news paper, journal or BRAC University publications would be a great platform to show our talent. I heard that you were supposed to publish AABRACU journal.To conclude, this website will be a great site in future for the participants.

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