What Life has Given to Me Stories

There are ups and downs in each and every people’s life in the world. Neither anyone can say that he has not face any kind of difficulty in life nor anyone can say that he has not spent any golden moment in life. Life is the combination of both good and bad. It is the general rule of life. My life till now contains some good and bad moments. Being an introvert, I got too much mental pressure from the society. Some people always used to throw negative comments about my future. Instead of following people’s negative comments, I followed my own thoughts and believe. This path gave me so many achievements in my life. Today, I feel that my choice of believing in myself was not wrong. After passing HSC examination, I got admission in School of Law of BRAC University. My challenge in life started from there. Many people said that I am not going to be successful as a lawyer because of my nature. However, I continued my study and did not even think for a second to leave school of law. The greatest thing I got there was the discovery of my hidden quality. I identified that I am good in writing. Highest marks in first assignment of my first semester helped me to grow this belief in my mind. After that, I started to submit articles for the newsletters of School of Law of BRAC University. The good thing was that my articles used to be published in the newsletters of every semester. The most memorable moment for me is the article of newsletter for the ‘Women’s Day, 2014’. For that newsletter, I wrote and submitted an article with a headline ‘Status of women’. Such newsletter was distributed in the seminar specially organized for Women’s Day. However, one of the lecturers of School f Law of BRAC University personally came to me and praised that article. It was a great inspiration for me to continue writing. Moreover, I received 2nd prize in an essay writing competition organized by Writing Center of BRAC University. These are not only my achievements but also tools to build my confidence in writing. One of the parts of career in law is drafting. So, I think this confidence can help me to improve my career. Participation in extracurricular activities helped me a lot to get jobs. While studying in BRAC University, I used to participate in almost all kinds of extracurricular activities like cultural programs, workshops etc. These participations enriched my CV and as a result, I got part time job in call center of ‘ROBI Axiata Limited’. According to my observation, people hardly get jobs in such companies. The competitions in these kinds of companies are very high in selecting candidates. However, my CV was short listed while selecting for interview. Moreover, I got the opportunity to do my internship in a law chamber known as ‘Amir and Amir Law Associates’. I have not yet achieved the main goal of my life but I am quite successful in my life till now. In spite of negative comments from society, I have been able to run my life in a positive way. The reason is nothing but believe in myself. I have still a lot to do with my career and it will be possible to build a success career with the positive power of mind. So, I would like to give recommendation that there are three steps to become successful in life. The first is to set up the goal of life. Second is to believe in own self in question of capability to achieve the goal, no matter how difficult the situation is. Third is the determination to take every step to achieve the goal. The core point about success is to have a positive mind. The positive power of mind should not be lose even if the situation is not in favor. This power will make a way to reach the goal. In a sentence, it can be said that success is a combination of both positive mind and hard work. In the end, it can be said that life is all about positivity and negativity. Everyone needs to spend both good and hard times in life. One’s positive thought is enough to cope up with all kinds of situation. Circumstance supports those who support themselves.


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    This has really been a direction and inspiration :)

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