Alumni website has been created for sharing the idea on a single platform and creating coordination among the alumna. Alumni Association of BRAC University has created this as the current alumna are more than 30+ countries worldwide and they need a single platform to portray their projects like other renown Alumni Association does. Alumna also needs their database and contribute to their fellow younger/upcoming alumna as well as the University which they are learning in their practical life. Coming back to the website this consists 5 major characteristics whose I really want to mention.

1.    LinkedIn integration on sign up: sign up option is integrated with LinkedIn. So that at the same time current information can be fetched and updated in the database on this site. This can also be used for having your pictorial sign up for the issuance of alumni ID card.

2.    Online payment gateway integration: All banks payment along with bKash authentication can be done by this website. Alumna can pay directly from anywhere worldwide.  This can be used to participate various events and contribution to alumni association.

3.    Stories and Blogs: Journals, stories, articles, Blogs, Vlogs, report, news, creative write-ups and economic scenario or current student’s placement on Ph.D., MS in foreign countries all kinds of write-ups are welcome here. Perhaps these are also sharable with Social networks.

4.     Personal platform: Alumna can share their own business on this platform. They can share and influence the current alumna and the whole community with his new products or idea by adding some special package for the fellow alumna.

5.     Dedicated Job portal: For prolong period of day this was really required that no alumni association in Bangladesh has uses such as this site has. An employer can directly post their requirements in the job portal and ask for CVs and alumni who have the direct profile can easily apply with just some clicks. Fellow alumna can refer some new jobs or internal requirements on this platform as well so that BRACU Alumna gets the highest priority.

I would really appreciate you to use your website for your own benefit and for the better of your own community. Perhaps I would thank Durbar software, Junayed Mustafa, Amit Kumar Dey and Team (which is a fellow BRACU Alumna Company) who has done a fantastic job for creating such website, Niaz Makhdum, General Secretary of AABRACU for idea generation implementation and Sumaiya Noor, Executive Member of AABRACU for her constant effort to make the website live and working for its constant development. 


Md. Tajdin Hassan 

President, AABRACU 



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Tanguar Haor

Bangladesh is the largest alluvium in the world. There are some aspects like geographical position and seasonal diversity has made Bangladesh unique. India and Malaysia covers Bangladesh by border and by the narrow siliguri corridor separated from Nepal and Bhutan. The Ganges (Locally known as Padma), the Brahmaputra and the Meghna are Asia’s largest rivers. Bangladesh has 700 rivers with rich biodiversity. It has longest sea beach in the world and world largest mangrove forest. It has varieties of the island including the sand bar. There is a significant portion of tribal people in the hilly parts of the country they are Chakma, Garo, Marma, Tanchangyas, Biharies, Oraons, Tripuries, Mundas, Rakhines and Rohingas etc. There are mainly four types of religion involves they are Islam, Buddha, Hindu and Christian. Social indicators of human development include improved primary education, maternal and child health, gender parity, food manufacture and population restrain. In Bangladesh, there is a place with rich biodiversity, fish production and the aquatic plant which is known as tanguar haor. This haor has got foreign importance and many projects have been running for the betterment of the resources in haor. In Tanguar Haor there are many places for an attraction like Tekerghat, Barchara, Jadu Kata River, Bareker tila, Chuna Patharer Lake Etc.  In the north-eastern side of this country, there is Meghalaya. Wetland has created by fresh water flow from there. Tanguar Haor is a subservient element of that arrangement. As a reservoir of aquatic biodiversity, Tanguar Haor has been recognized internationally. Compared to other haors, the availability of fresh water throughout the year has enriched its biodiversity. In Bangladesh one of the largest wetlands is tanguar haor. It is located in Sunamganj of Dharmapasha and Tahirpur sub-district. It is in the north-eastern corner of Bangladesh. The area involves 9727 hector area of 10 mouzas of 2 subdistricts and 51 haors. The Mouzas enveloping haors are (1) Jagadishpur, (2) Bhabanipur, (3) Lamagaon, (4) Ramsinhapur, (5) Mahajampur, (6) Maindag, (7) Mayajuri, (8) Bhangachara Purba, (9) Noagaon, and (10) Tanguar Haor. Tanguar Haor consists of 120 lakes of different size. The main haor is 28 square km (water portion) and rest consists of the village and cultivable lands. Water dries during the winter season and that time banks of 24 lakes (local name is kanda) woke up. Local farmers cultivated Boro Rice in that portion (Kanda). This place has also been used as a farm of cows. It has a natural importance with an international focus. 46 villages consist of the area of tanguar haor; within the haor are about 100 km2 of which 2802.3 ha2 is a wetland, during the time of drizzle entire area covers by water. It is a source of income for more than 56000 people. It has been announced as an ecologically critical area by the government of Bangladesh in 1999. It is now considering critical phase due to the exploitation of natural resources. Haor basin was declared as a Ramsar site-wetland (2000) of foreign importance, The government has declared to protect the natural resources of this haor base forest and several actions have been taken to preserve this wetland.  The year 2003 government had taken initiative to enforce the law to protect Tanguar Haor to encourage the sustainable use of the Tanguar Haor resources; The Bangladesh government has introduced the concept of wise-use”. In the year 2005 government got support from IUCN AND SDC to regulate the haor according to Ramsar principal. 

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AABRACU Iftar Mahfil 2017 tickets are now on sale on BRACU campus and through bKash. If you want to purchase through bKash, please confirm your ticket by clicking the link below.

Just in case you are wondering - yes BOTH IFTAR & DINNER will be served at the Iftar Mahfil 2017 at an unbeatable Tk 500 per head! More reason for you to join in! Grab your tickets now!

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Message from the President

The Executive Committee of 2015 held the reigns of the Alumni Association of BRAC University following the elections in 2015. After completion of 2 successful years that witnessed the first ever AABRACU Fest, the Gala of 2016, Iftaar Mahfils in 2015, 2016 and workshops on foreign studies, human resource development and alumni-student networking, the launching of alumni cards and also the new AABRACU website, the ExCO has plenty to celebrate but plenty more to give.

As such in line with the constitutional authority and having referred with BRAC University the current ExCo has decided to amend the AABRACU constitution and extend their tenure and that of any elected committee to 4 years in order to deliver the manifesto that is promised to the AABRACU members. AABRACU thanks OCSAR for their accolades and acknowledgment of the ExCO and for emphasizing that the current stream of success should continue for a further 2 years in order to ensure a stable, structured and sustainable growth for the organization.

Special thanks to Mr. Sunjib Singha, VP-AABRACU, and also our General Secretary, Treasurer and all Executive Members for their dedication despite personal and professional commitments. Finally, I would like to thank all the alumni members for their participation in AABRACU events. We believe that your contributions and participation will continue in the future to achieve the goal of establishing the most sought after alumni network in the country – a goal which we can only achieve together.



Md. Tajdin Hassan

President, AABRACU




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Alumni Association of BRACU Organised Gala 2016

The Alumni Association of BRAC University (AABRACU) organized 'AABRACU Gala 2016' to welcome the new alumni following the 11th convocation of BRAC University.The event was held at Bangladesh Shooting Sport Federation on December 10, 2016.

The event was held at Bangladesh Shooting Sport Federation on December 10, 2016. The event’s objective was also to celebrate the achievements of the new alumni and serve as a platform for all alumni to engage and build stronger networks.

Prof Syed Saad Andaleeb, vice chancellor of BRAC University spoke to the current Executive Committee of AABRACU expressing his delight in the arrangements and encouraged the association to continue their progress.

Md. Tajdin Hassan, president of AABRACU spoke of the importance of having a united alumni community which was further consolidated through General Secretary Niaz Makhdum’s sharing of his time as a student and what it meant to have a strong network.

The event witnessed a special appearance by Masuma Rahman Nabila, star of the film Aynabaji and an alumnus of BRAC University from the Department of English & Humanities.

Nabila shared memories of her time at BRAC University and advised students to be passionate about their ambition.

Singer Miftah Zaman, also an alumnus, performed some of his renowned songs and mesmerized the audience.

Lyricist Tushar Hasan, another alumnus of the University, encouraged the alumni to continue other interests beyond their regular careers.

AABRACU honored the three alumni for their career success by presenting them with crests.

Popular rock band Arbovirus and BRAC University’s in-house DJ Mishu also performed at the event.

Executive committee member Stawb Peter Halder and chief organizer of the event echoed the necessity for effective alumni engagement and thanked all the partners, volunteers and event staff who were instrumental in organizing the event.

Jadoo Digital was the sponsor for the event along with strategic partner, The Daily Star, news partner Somoy Television, radio partner Radio Shadhin 92.4FM, promotional partner Icon Films, photography partner Knott and Tie, beverage partner Pran Drinking Water and event partner Event Factory.

Courtesy: The Daily Star ( 



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